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Sleep Right Mouth Guard

 One of the most popular products for the condition of nighttime teeth grinding is the Sleep Right Mouth Guard. Designed by an actual dentist, this protector is made to prevent bruxism at night, a condition many people don't even know they have until it manifests as pain in the jaw area or their sleeping partner alerts them to the problem. Luckily when caught early teeth grinding can be remedied by a product like this one before further problems such as temporomandibular joint dysfunction arises. The first feature you're sure to appreciate is that the Sleep Right night guard is adjustable without the need for boiling or professional intervention.

 This guard comes with a 90 day warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee to ensure you are pleased with the product. Also, unlike most other night guards, this one comes in mint, cinnamon and unflavored varieties. The technology used to design this guard was especially chosen to address the problems of grinding and clenching. It has been reported that clenching and grinding of the teeth and jaw can result in problems with the head, neck, shoulders and back, not to mention pain in the face and jaw region. Not only that, but grinding and clenching can even loosen, chip or fracture the teeth.

 The articulating bite pads featured on the Sleep Right guard are made from a resistant hybrid material. These pads fit easily and comfortably between the upper and lower teeth and help establish the proper amount of space. Even though the guard protects against grinding, users are encouraged to practice muscle relaxation techniques and try to keep their lips together while keeping the teeth apart. The same mouth motion that is used to say the letter 'n' can be used to position the tongue on the roof of the mouth and keep the teeth apart. Doing these exercises and others like them during the day may enhance your nighttime results.

 The Sleep Right mouth guard is one of the many products on the market designed for individuals who grind their teeth at night. If you find you are experiencing pain because of your bruxism a visit to the dentist may also be in order. They may recommend a professionally crafted and fitted mouth guard to wear at night, especially if you are suffering from moderate to severe TMJ dysfunction. A guard like the Sleep Right variety is ideal for people who haven't quite reached that level of discomfort and want to prevent further problems from occurring while training the jaw muscles and teeth not to clench. ©2016.